Certificates and declarations of conformity GOST and CUGet Best Quote Certificates and Declarations of Conformity to GOST R (Russian National Standard) and Customs Union Technical Regulations; The Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan and Russian Federation within the framework of the Eurasian Economic Community established the Customs Union, providing a single customs territory for these three countries. This document replaces previously issued mandatory certificates for the products (under Russian Technical Regulations and System of GOST R (Russian National Standard)). The Customs Union Commission resolved that the Certificates of Conformity and Declarations of Conformity issued for the products prior to the effective date of the currently applicable Customs Union Technical Regulations shall be valid till March 15, 2015. The document can be issued for single shipment and for serial production for 5 years. Additional Information: Item Code: CertificatesanddeclarationsofconformityGOSTandCU Port of Dispatch: Mumbai, India Delivery Time: As per quotation.

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