TCW Wattage Based

TCW Wattage Based

The Digital Torque Controller (TCW Wattage Based) we offer is used to control the torque output of tube expansion drives. More than a 1000 TCW Torque Controllers are actively used all over the world since we have started manufacturing and supplying them.


We Offer

·                  TCW-SL

·                  TCW-Normal

·                  TCW-CE (CE certified model)

Technical Specifications And Availability

·                  One Phase

·                  50-60 Hz

·                  230 V (1260 Watt)

·                  230 V (1600 Watt)

·                  110 V (1260 Watt)

·                  110 V (1600 Watt)


·                  Fully Solid State Design with no moving parts hence no wear and tear or noise with a promise of longer life

·                  Easy to maintain with just one main circuit board

·                  Front panel LED automatically identifies and indicated connected drive

·                  Control functions fitted with latest micro-controller chip

·                  Reduced starting currents due to soft start in all drives increases longevity of carbon brushes and drive

·                  Accurate and easy to replicate identical results: Due to proper torque setting calibration and 1 watt resolution

·                  Adjustable Drive Speed for rotation in reverse

·                  Four different ranges Torque setting suitable for four different drives. Prevents drive abuse or overuse through automatic wattage range selection for connected drive

·                  Display: Actual drive wattage (torque) is displayed. Pressing one button displays the Set wattage (torque), line voltage and drive current as well

·                  Adjustable time settings

o                          Trip time : 0.1 sec to 10 secs

o                          Reverse time : 1 sec to 100 secs

o                          Pause time (interval between cycles) : 1 sec to 100 secs

·                  LED indication to show conditions of forward, reverse and trip drive

·                  Superior SCR technology in place of triacs offering better voltage, current & DV/DT ratings in comparison for more reliability & an almost failsafe power circuit

·                  MCB for protection against over current by short circuits in panel and drives

·                  Easy to replace spares (using only screw driver) inside the panel like: PCBs, Transformers, CT, Relays DPM etc

·                  Plug in PCBs for reducing trouble shooting down time to a bare minimum

·                  Push button for Emergency Manual reverse

·                  Modes available: Hand (trigger) or foot switch

·                  Single cycle or auto repeat mode for undertaking expansions

Finds Application In

·                  Thermal power plants

·                  Sugar factories

·                  Heat exchanger manufacturing companies

·                  Desalination plants


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