DC Injection Brake

DC Injection Brake

The DC Injection Brake manufactured by us offers fast and frictionless braking of motor, thus assuring a long service life and better performance. More than a hundred DC Injection Brakes supplied by us are working without any hassles in several industries and require minimal or no maintenance throughout their life. In addition to the standard model for DC Injection Brakes, we also offer Micro-controller based models.


Salient Features

·                  Perfect for braking of a squirrel cage motor by DC voltage injection to induce braking torque by producing static magnetic field in the winding of motor

·                  No damage due to absence of mechanical parts

·                  Simple adjustment of motor stopping time and brake power by knobs in electronic brakes. 0.5 seconds to few minutes of time adjustment can be done easily.

·                  Advanced mechanism for braking in 3 Phase induction motor

Models Available

·                  3 HP

·                  5 HP

·                  7.5 HP

·                  10 HP

·                  12.5HP

·                  15 HP

Technical Specifications

·                  Two Phase

·                  415 V

·                  50-60 Hz

Demanded By

·                  Textile industry

·                  Packaging industry


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