Digital Torque Controller PR 2000

Digital Torque Controller PR 2000

We offer highly advanced Digital Torque Controller (PR-2000) that is required in varied industrial units. We can also provide CE certified Digital Torque Controller (PR-2000) model for the clients.


Salient Features

·                  Printer options: Built -in or external

·                  Trip setting Print out possible: Plus minimum, maximum and average. Upto 2000 expansions memory storage

·                  Quicker and easier quality control of expanded tubes: It offers printed statistical data (with specific numbers of tube) for under/over expanded tubes

·                  Increased drive life due to programmed initial slow speed up

·                  Both slow or fast settings for drive's reverse speed

·                  Remote hand set with Key pad with many benefits like

o                          Only authorized changing of set values

o                          Tamper proof Set values

o                          No need for taking controller to PC to load stored data, it can be done using the hand set for further processing

·                  Easy to see line Voltage on controller display

·                  LCD display: 16 character 2 line alpha numeric for operator guidance

·                  Automatic setting of maximum trip wattage and drive model indication by on drive connection

Demanded By

·                  Thermal power plants

·                  Engineering industry

·                  Condenser manufacturing units


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