Unique IMD


Unique IMD's works on the advanced Pulse Induction principle, renowned for its ability to detect the tramp metals from the conductive ores. These Metal Detector find more useful in the place where magnetite, hematite, pyrites, wet materials are conveyed. The advantage of this Metal Detector is it gives Zero malfunctioning to vibration compare to other metal detector. The welding / walky talky effect is also nullified within 2mts range. A suitable high Sensitivity is also achieved according to the aperture size in the Pulse Induction Waterproof Metal Detector.
Unique Industrial Metal Detector are suitable to detect the adequate size of Metals passed anywhere inside the aperture area. Metal Detectors are fitted to the endless conveyor. Whenever the metal passes through the aperture, the metal detector gives audio/visual signal. Potential free contacts are provided to stop or to divert the diverting gate.
Unique's R&D unit has developed zonal type Metal Detector. This system helps the user to find easily the location of the detected metal from the full loaded conveyor belt. The conveyor belt will be divided into four equal zones and the particular zone will get activated when a metal passes through the vicinity. The best advantage of this Metal Detector over conventional detector is that the searching time for the metal contamination after the detection is comparatively fast. Fully adjustable zone sensitivity helps the uniform detection throughout the entire detector. Sensitivity of each zone is also fully adjustable.
This unique feature allows compensation of the losses caused due to the floor steel bars, dead zones, zones of excessive sensitivity and losses due to various interferences. An indicator will be supplied with the metal detector system which can be installed parallel to the metal detector so as to indicate the particular zone to the operator.

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