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Recent Products/Services

Turbo VENT Driven Ventilator

Over the years we have achieved the trust and reliance of our broad client base offering an unmatched quality range of TurboVENT ventilator. These offer overall reliability, flexibility and easy insta ....


Enjoy the outdoors without the dust and heat coming in the way. TurboGreen cools your Poolside, gardens, Terrace, green houses, balcony, lawn, porch etc. A simple way to use your outdoor spaces even i ....

Wind Driven Ventilators

Our wind driven ventilators provide an efficient and cost effective system of natural ventilation. They exhaust hot, stale air from buildings and allow it to be replaced at low level with fresh air at ....

Turbo COOL EV Series

TurboCool is our revolutionary air conditioning system that utilizes sustainable technology to provide you cool conditions economically and without using harmful or costly refrigerants. ....

Ventilation Consultancy Services

Our ventilation consultancy services for industries and commercial establishments. Our services extend from the planning stage to resolving problems in functioning concerns. Our experience and knowled ....

Turbo PRO

We are one of the leading retailers and traders of a range of superior grade TurboPRO - Precision Process Air condition. This range is best fitted and can easily lower the temperature of a large area ....

Turbo COOL

We offer superior range of TurboCOOL Optimized Industrial Cooling Systems that offers optimal satisfaction to our clients. These TurboCOOL Optimized Industrial Cooling Systems are highly appreciated f ....


We have over 2 decades of experience in the fabrication industry and satisfy specialized fabrication needs. Our pedigree includes Pressure vessel welding, titanium welding for esteemed establishments ....

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