Opal or upal is available at STONE ASTROLOGY from Rs. 100 per ratti to Rs. 3100 per ratti. You can come to our showroom at U.G 4 & 5 Jaina Tower 2 District Centre, Janakpuri, New Delhi, India see this vast range and select the Gemstone as per your budget. With every Opal you will get a Govt. Lab Certificate and Bill.
About Opal:
Opal (Upal in Hindi) is a semi-precious gemstone found in a variety of colours like white, blue, pink and green. Opal is a Gem of beauty, charm, wealth and divine grace. It leads one to have a luxurious life. It bestows the power of fulfillment to the wearer and enhances financial prosperity. It is helpful for those in business particularly connected with travel and tourism, imports & exports. Opal is a semi-precious stone of White Sapphire. It may be worn by anyone for its properties, irrespective of horoscope.
After wearing Opal an extra charm would be added in your personality. You will find yourself much comfortable among the opposite sex. And Problems related to Venus would be minimized.
If you are facing troubles in married life or you have a lack of mutual understanding with your spouse/lover or you are looking to win heart of your sweetheart or you are facing delay in marriage: Opal can provide expected solution. Astrologically Opal is a final solution for love and marriage related matters. At the same time, Opal can also help you a lot in terms of career, finance, children and health. But it will depend on the placement of Venus in your horoscope. Opal will also help in obtaining worldly comforts, luxuries, vehicle etc. According to placement and lordship of Venus in birth chart, Opal can solve various kinds of problems related to every aspect of life.

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