Reversible Concrete Mixer

Reversible Concrete Mixer



SPECIFICATION       RCM-500                    RCM-800                    RCM-1050                  RCM-1400




Mixer Type                  Reversible Drum           Reversible Drum           Reversible Drum           Reversible Drum




Hopper Capacity          500 Lit.                        800 Lit.                        1050 Lit.                      1400 Lit.




Batch Capacity 400 Lit,0.4Cu. M.        600 Lit, 0.6Cu. M        750 Lit, 0.75Cu. M      1000 Lit,1.0Cu. M.




Machine Output            6/8 Cu. M/Hour           10/12 Cu. M/Hour       14/15 Cu. M/Hour       18/20 Cu. M/Hour.

Per Hour




Power                          7.5HP,3Phase,             10HP, 3Phase,             15HP, 3Phase,             20HP, 3Phase,

AC Motor                    AC Motor                    AC Motor.                   AC Motor.




Guide Roller                 Three Roller                 Twine Roller                 Twine Roller                 Twine Roller.

                                                                        (Five Roller)                 (Five Roller)                 (Six Roller).




Drum Speer                  15RPM                        15RPM                        15RPM                        15RPM




Water Tank Cap.         180 Lit                         180 Lit.                        210 Lit.                        280 Lit.




Con. Discharge Hgt.     1.5 Mtrs.                      1.5 Mtrs.                      1.5 Mtrs.                      2.0 Mtrs.




Water Pump Size          25 X 25,                      25 X 25,                      50 X 50, 1.0HP           50 X 50, 1.0HP

                                    0.5HP  "2 Nos.            1.0HP " 2 Nos.            50 X 40, 1.0HP           50 X 40, 1.0HP.




Gear Ring & Roller       Accurately Machine      Accurately Machine      Accurately Machine      Accurately Machine

                                    with gear cutting            with gear cutting            with gear cutting            with gear cutting

                                    operation supported      operation supported      operation supported      operation supported

                                    by heavy duty twin        by heavy duty twin        by heavy duty twin        by heavy duty twin

                                    roller guide.                  roller guide.                  roller guide.                  roller guide.




Overall Dimension        L-4000xW-2050x        L-4500xW-2050x        L-5000xW-2300x        L-5500xW-2700x

            (mm)                H:  2900mm                H : 3000mm                H:  3350mm                H:  4000mm.




Weigh ( kgs)                 2250 kgs.                     2650 Kgs                     3500 kgs.                     4250 kgs.




Water Systems Automized Digital         Automized Digital         Automized Digital         Automized Digital                                 Controlled                    Controlled                    Controlled                    Controlled.




Advantages                  Most Economic risk                                          Fast & Reliable            

                                    Free operation (safe)                                        Easy Shifting.                           




Weighing System          Loadcell Based Weighing System with Digital Display




Wheels                         6 X 16 Pneumatic Wheels ( 4 Nos.)




Jack Leveling                Pin Type ( 4 Nos.)




Spare List                     1) Fix Spanner Set.       2) Allen Key Set.          3) Jack                         4) Grease Gun

                                    5) Plyers                       6) Motor Handle          7) Panel Stand              8) Foot Valve.




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