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Recent Products/Services

Metal Claddings

Klippon, Pre-Engineered Buildings, Z Purlins, FRP Sheets, Polycarbonate Sheets, ....

Pre Engineered Building Industrial Shed

A per-engineered building (PEB) is designed by a manufacturer to be manufactured by making use of a pre ....

Pre Engineered Buildings

We offer very efficient Pre-Engineered Buildings. These are easy to install. ....

Z Purlins

We offer unique cold roll formed Z Purlins sections that are used to fix side claddings and roofs. ....

Cold Formed Flashings

In addition to the profiled sheets, Paramount also supplies factory finished Cold Formed Flashings, ....

Self Drilling Screw

We are one of eminent supplier of Self Drilling Screw Truss Head. ....

C Purlin

'C' Purlin made Out Of H.R.coils, Thickness 2mm. The Yield Strength Of material will Be 345 Mpa minimum. ....

Steel Building

We Mfr, Supplier of Metal Building, ....

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