Kortek Karoake Mic Khm 150

Kortek Karoake Mic Khm 150

Functions of Karaoke Model KHM-150

Connects to TV with RCA input (NTSC/PAL)

3600 songs (English, Hindi and other Regional song)

Up to 60 nos. Full- Length- Song Recording (through optional Recording Chip)

Recorded Song transfer into Computer by USB Cable

Easy to update new songs by Song pack (5 Slots)

Optional choice (Wireless sub microphone) to Sing a duet

Song Reservation up to 45 songs

Song search- Enter song numbers or sort songs by page

On screen Lyrics

Image and Video background themes

Real – Time – Score

Favorite Song selection up to (45 songs )

Real – Time – Score

Song battle in group

Melody adjustment (Standard, Weak , Pro, Hard)

Play Mode (One song, Random, Repeat, 1st Phrase, Continue)

Echo, Key, Tempo, Interlude Jump, Volume Control

System Software updates


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