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Recent Products/Services

Amplifier PM5004

DescriptionThis excellent entry-level integrated amp breaks all the rules. Thatís because itís the first in its class to offer current feedback architecture Ė a feature that until now has been exclusi ....

Amplifier PM6003

The What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision? 2009 awarded PM6003 amplifier comes in the M1 Reference Design style. But itís not just the outward aesthetics that have been improved; Marantz took this upgrade oppor ....

Amplifier PM7004

This full discrete current feedback integrated amplifier is perfect for audiophiles wanting both excellent music quality and flexible operation. It offers a powerful 2x 70W into 8 ohms, while the symm ....

M CR603

The advanced disc drive accesses CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs Ė even those encoded with MP3 or WMA files.Power For Up To Four Speakers ....


* Network Audio Player * Audiophile-Grade USB DAC * AirPlay - Streaming - iPod ....


* Super Audio CD/CD Player * Audiophile-Grade USB DAC * Digital iPod USB Connection ....


* Integrated Amplifier - 70 wpc * Torriodal Power Transformer * Power Amp Direct ....

PM KI Pearl

"The KI Signature Series, by audio guru Ken Ishiwata, is synonymous with exceptional sound quality and ultra-fine electronics. Each KI Signature model receives Kenís personal attention, and takes audi ....

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