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Recent Products/Services

Agriculture Consultancy Services

We are a one stop solution of Agriculture Consultancy Services. Luit Consultancy offers a wide range of Agriculture Consultancy e-Services for food, fodder, feed, bamboo crop, sustainable forestry, me ....

Buttressed Arch Dam

With a dedicated and qualified personnel, we are able to provide Construction Engineering Services with Optimum and affordable Construction Techniques for industrial, institutional, and commercial cli ....

Environmental Consultancy Services

Our Environmental Consultancy Services include. Producing and offering Bamboo for Furniture and Housing construction, Enabling National Mission for a GREEN India, Recycling of Phosphorus. ....

Mineral Engineering Services

Luit Nirman Consultancy imparts consultancy services in Ores / Mineral / Metals / Alloys. We strive to bring the latest technology, know-how, tools, to modernize Mineral Engineering in India. ....

Oil Water Separation Services

We provide technology, equipment, operating know-how -- for situations where Oil / Unmiscibles are discharged quietly to Open water bodies- because of system dysfunction. ....

PV Engineering Services

We are involved in the engineering and maintenance of Photovoltaics synergically with agricultural farming. We will construct, build, design and create Photovoltaics and perform Photovoltaic System Pr ....

Technology Transfer Services

We offer Technology Transfer Services worldwide catering to a variety of industries. Our proficient team of technocrats, well-versed with various technological paradigms, having in-depth knowledge, wi ....

Water Purification Service

Water that we drink has emerged as a major concern for all of us. The more we understand the challenge of maintaining safe drinking water, demand for quality OF drinking water RISES. Water Purificati ....

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