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Recent Products/Services

Automotive Oils

Leo Engine Oil 20W 50 API SF/CC Monograde 30, 40, 50.20W/50 Meet's API SF/CC Performance levels We manufacture leo engine oils which is a high quality engine oil that is a perfect solution for oi ....

Gear Lubricants

We manufacture a comprehensive range of gear lubricants which can be divided into 2 categories- Leo Gear Oils EP-90 - EP-140-GL-1/4/5 &Leo ATF Type -A, DEX-II. Gear Lubricants are used for anti fricti ....

Automotive grease

Automotive grease offered by us are suitable for all Automotive & Industrial Bearings. It is a premium quality grease having a high drop point and good thermal and structural stability. This provides ....

Brake Fluid

Dot-3 is a high grade and heavy duty brake fluids. High in performance, it is fully synthetic and contains antioxidants and corrosion inhibitor, which ensure long service life The fluid has a high boi ....

Specialty Lubricants

We produce superior quality white oil. It offers the stability and purity needed for different industrial applications. Some of the uses of our white oil include industries such as pharmaceutical, cos ....

Industrial Lubricants

These are recommended for use in hydraulic systems, enclosed gear boxes, chain drives, compressors, vacuum pumps, mining machinery, machine tools, hydraulic and circulation system and enclosed gear bo ....

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