3Watt High Power LED 3433 WE

3Watt High Power LED 3433 WE

3Watt High Power LED 3433 WE

Item Code: KLHP3433WE

3Watt High Power LED:
POWER Watts : 3Watt
CURRENT Max : 700mA
VOLTAGE Vf : 3-3.5Volts
LUMEN S : 220/280 Lumens
SIZE(LxBxH) : 7.26mm x14.6mm x5.3mm
Kwality Photonics produces popular 3Watt POLYWA POWER LEDs which emits 220/280 Lumens @700mA . Our Power LEDs 3Watt is an excellent high power LED used for solid sate light applications. This emitter with silicon lens technology provides the good life and can be non-reflow soldered at 155-165°C. The light output decay less than 10% at severe stress conditions (700mA, 85°C ,85%RH) proves high reliability. Due to Phosphor technology the White and Warm white show good color stability (less than 50K shift with Tj at 100oC) Due to special lens design user gets uniform light with any secondary optics. 



White Series/Royal Blue/Blue/Amber/Red

Typical DC Forward Current

350 to 700 mA

LED Junction temperature

125 C

Led operating temperature

-40 to 110°C

Storage Temperature

-40 to 110°C

Soldering Temperature

Max 260 max 10 seconds

ESD sensitivity

2000 V HBM

Reverse Voltage

Not design to be driven in reverse bias


Acc to JEDEC


Item Code: KLHP3433WE
The LED Chips in classic SMD packages are 3014 & 3528 LEDs. 
The KLSL3228W delivers 8-9Lumens at 20mA (0.06W)
The KLSL3014W delivers 12Lumens at 30mA (0.1W)
The LED Chips in MOST POPULAR medium power SMD packages are 2835 & 5630 LEDs. 
The KLSL2835W-26 delivers 24Lumens at 60mA (0.2W) & KLSL2835W-65 delivers 65 lumens at 150mA.
The KLSL5630W delivers 60Lm, 65Lm & more with grades starting at sub Rs2 prices.
The High power LEDs like KLHP331W deliver 130lm & 145Lm respectively, in non-reflow grade. the 3Watt reflow grade emitters KLHP3433W of 280Lm & KLHP3535W gift you the flexibility of producing LED lights with just a simple soldering iron or with modern pick & place machine !
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