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Data Recovery Service

Specialists of our business are generally holding know-how throughout giving successful Information Burn & Security services in order to consumers. We com offers realtime backups, nightly backups, off ....

Logical Data Recovery

Module D-1 LOGICAL DATA RECOVERY TRAINING D1.1 Introduction to Storage Device , Hard disk models D1.2 Hard Disk Data recovery common problems, with fault 1. LOGICAL PROBLEMS (disk detected in ....

Physical Data Recovery

D3-1 MECHANICAL FAILURE PROBLEMS D3.2 Donor Selection of Different Hard Disk for patient D3.3 Data recovery instrument detail and used detail with demo on opening hard disk (clean room, head repl ....

Data Recovery Training

Introduction to Storage Device, Hard disk and models D1.2 Hard Disk Data recovery common problems, with fault 1. LOGICAL PROBLEMS (disk detected in BIOS are mainly logical problems) 2. PHYSICAL ....

Online Data Recovery Training

Totally dead Hard Drive does not spin up When hard disk connects to computer, computer does not start or hangs Broken power connectors Broken data connectors Spindle/arm driver chip failure You ....

Online Hard Disk Recovery Course

Disk Platter Read Write Head Spindle motor Head arm Head actuator (voice coil actuator) Air Filter Tracks Sectors Cylinders Cluster Cluster size in FAT& NTFS CHS cylinder head sector addre ....

Head Damage Repair

Our Cylinder Head Parts & Repair Kits comprise of assemblies and pumps. These are used to replace some parts which require repair time to time. These are made under the guidance of our experts who are ....

Hard Disk PCB Repair

SMD Basic electronics for hard disk components and PCB repair D2.2 Common problem in hard disk due to printed circuit board fault D2.3 Introduction to HARD DISK PCB , block diagram section of hard ....

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