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Fuel Resistant Bitumen

Advantages * It prevent the deterioration of surfaces which comes in frequent contact with Fuels * Increases the life cycle of road surface * Prevent formation of pot holes on the surfaces caused due to frequent spillage of fuels. Application It is applied primarily in areas that come into frequent contact with fuels such as taxiways, airport zones, bus lanes, car parks or long-term parking areas for fleets, motorway tolls, service stations, garages, fuel stations, etc. Availability Hincol FR Bitumen 50 is available in bulk.

Coloured Bitumen

Advantages * Wide range of long-lasting colours * Greater creativity for landscape and architectural applications * Harmonisation of the pavement into its surroundings * Increased safety due to higher contrast * Surface and colour homogeneity * Increased ride comfort and reduced noise * Mechanical resistance equal to that of a conventional asphalt mixture * Easy to maintain easy to repair * Energy savings in tunnels through reduced lighting * Cost effective and durable Application * Architectural applications * Historical monuments * Parks and squares * Sports venues and stadiums * Boardwalks and promenades * Office buildings, car parks.

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