• Chemical Earthing Electrode
  • Copper Earthing Electrode
  • Earthing Backfill Compound
  • Surge Protection Device
  • Prefabricated Sandwich Panel
  • Bakiral Ese Lightning Protection System

Recent Products/Services

Chemical Earthing Electrode

Chemical Earthing Electrode manufactured by us is developed for safe earthing in various areas and buildings. The Chemical Earthing Electrode has the space packed and sealed with crystalline conductiv ....

Copper Earthing Electrode

Copper Earthing Electrode is manufactured using circular rods made of high tensile and low carbon steel. Further, the Copper Earthing Electrodes are bonded molecularly with copper on the outside as pe ....

Earthing Backfill Compound

As a part of reliable and maintenance free earthing systems, we also offer premium Earthing Backfill Compound that is manufactured using high grade chemicals. Earthing Backfill Compound has Hydrated A ....

Surge Protection Device

Surge Protection Device is made available by us in two types namely Power Surge Protection and Signal Surge Protection. Designed for handling the toughest conditions, the Surge Protection Devices offe ....

Prefabricated Sandwich Panel

We are engaged in providing a wide range of Prefabricated Sandwich Panels that is designed by experts and manufactured to meet varied applications. Each Prefabricated Sandwich Panel is made in complia ....

BAKIRAL ESE Lightning Protection System

We are engaged in offering a diverse array of ESE Lightning Protection Systems that is developed for offering complete safety against direct or indirect devastations caused by lightening. The Lightnin ....

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