• Aluminum Separator
  • Step Guard
  • Carpet Trim
  • Tile Trim
  • Cove Trim
  • Tile Spacer
  • Midline Profile
  • Closed Profile
  • Edge Profile
  • L-angle

Recent Products/Services

Aluminum Separator

We offer aluminium profile that separates and demarks large area of wall cladding. ....

Carpet Trim

We offer aluminium trimmer profile for carpet edges. ....

Midline Profile

We offer Co-Extruded PVC profile of intricate design. ....

Closed Profile

These are PVC profile closed grove for multi-purpose use. ....

Edge Profile


We offer aluminium profile in the shape of letter ‘L’. ....

Edge Guard

This is a two component product used to protect edges from chipping. Some of the salient features of our edge guard are as under: ....

Angle Guard

Angle Gaurd is used to protect sensitive edges from chipping caused by mild impacts. ....

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