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Walkie Talkie

Walkie Talkie India: We provide Wide range of affordable Walkie talkies from Iconet and provides the best selling models from popular brands Walkie tlkie like Talk PRO, Motorola and Kenwood,Typical walkie-talkies resemble a telephone handset, possibly slightly larger but still a single unit, with an antenna sticking out of the top. Where a phone\\\'s earpiece is only loud enough to be heard by the user, a walkie-talkie\\\'s built-in speaker can be heard by the user and those in his immediate vicinity. Hand-held transceivers may be used to communicate between each other, or to vehicle-mounted or base stations.You can use a walkie talkie while out on youre bike  and fit the earpieve into your motorcycle helmet,also available is a Push to Talk button that is mounted on the motorcycle handlebar. The range for these types of Walkie Talkies is over a mile, come rain or shine. The walkie talkie can also compete with the mobile phone market as no roaming applies to a walkie talkie so you can avoid their hefty prices.The Walkie Talkie is a hand held portable two way radio receiver which is usually has a push to talk switch which starts transmission. A typical Walkie Talkie handset is a single unit which resembles a telephone handset with an antenna sticking out of the top and can vary in size depending on the product you purchase. Hand-held transceivers may be used to communicate between each other, or to vehicle-mounted or base stations. An earpiece-microphone-combination can also be used for discreet use. You can purchase Licensed Walkie Talkies for commercial use, which are usually ruggedized to protect them, or Licence Free products for private use.

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