The Massage Roller

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The Massage Roller Size:33*14cm This high quality massage roller can be used for physiotherapy as well as for Pilates and Yoga workouts, fitness routines and rehabilitation training. The massage roller features specially designed ridges, which help to target muscle areas where standard foam rollers are unable to reach, helping to restore flexibility. When can I use the Massage Roller? Strong and durable to withstand repetitive workouts and exercises the 15x90cm massage roller can be used for stretching as well as for improving your core muscle strength, posture, stability and as massage therapy. This roller can also be used for problems such as carpal tunnel or neck strain. How does the Massage Roller work? Ideal for those who take part in regular exercise as well as for athletes the lightweight massage roller features specially designed ridges. By rolling on these bumps the massage roller helps to target muscle areas and can really get into tighter spots providing massage until the muscle is relaxed. This massage effect increases circulation and stimulates the muscles helping you to stretch and exercise effectively as well as providing relief to muscular pain.

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