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WaterMelon Black Magic

We offer WaterMelon Black Magic seeds. ....

Black Diamond Watermelon

We offer Black Diamond Watermelon seeds. ....

Golden King Watermelon

We offer Golden King Watermelon seeds. ....

Water Melon Turbo

Hybrid F1-A medium variety.Approx. 36-38 days from flowering.fruits are oblong in shape,light green rind with dark green stripes and red flesh.Each watermelon has weight of 8kg.It has strong resistant ....

Watermelon Maharaja

Hybrid F1-A mid-late variety.Very vigorous plant.Approx.35 days from flowering.Fruits are oblong in shape,green skin with dark green stripes.The weight is 8-10kg each.It's very good for long distance ....

Watermelon Black Badshah

It's an improved hybrid variety in big black segment.Medium in maturity. The plants are vigorous. Approx. 33 days from flowering. Fruits are round in shape, dark green skin. The weight is 6-7 kg each. ....

Aruni Watermelon Seeds ICE BOX

Early maturation, extra ordinary plant growth & excellent fruit setting. Dark green fruits, oblong in shape. Fruit size 4-5 kg. Deep red flesh, crisp & delicious taste. Strong resistant to virus, dise ....

Kohinoor Watermelon

Hybrid F1-A mid-early variety.Approx.harvest ready in 35 days from flowering.Fruits are oblong in shape,durable rind in green with dark green stripes.It's weight is 6-7kg of each fruit.It is resistant ....

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