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Rishi Grow Hair Oil

Features It is the only hair oil which promotes the new Hair Growth It stops hair falling It removes dandruff It provides nourishment to the hair follicles Restore long, dar ....

Herbal Shampoo

We feel proud to announce that we have emerged as one of the leading Herbal Shampoo Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. Herbal Shampoo, offered by our company, is perfect to prevent falling of hair ....

Herbal Face Packs

We offer Herbal Face Pack that is a unique mixture of all the important and essential herbs. This Herbal Face Pack nourishes and gives glow to the skin of the face. Herbal Face Packs are very helpful ....

Rishi Patch Oil

Arrest Hair falling Promotes growth of new hair Protects and cure patchy hair loss ....

Clean Oil

Features For dandruff elimination For Long Beautiful Hair Cures Itching Controls scaling & flaking Opens blocked hair roots due to dust and sebum ....

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