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Recent Products/Services

Raw Zarda Tobacco

M.J.EXPORTS is renowned names in the field of raw zarda tobacco. Known for unmatched quality, timely supply of orders, competitive prices and customer oriented approach, we have established ourselves ....

Neem Azadirachtin

Azadirachtin Natural 0-2250 ppm in Neem Oil, Azadirachtin Technical (10 - 44.5 %), Azadirachtin formulations from 300-50000 ppm, Azadirachtin Uses, Azadirachtin Mode of Action, Azadirachtin Chemistry, ....

Bio Neem Cake

BIO-NEEM cake is the neem seed meal obtained as residue while extracting neem oil from indian neem seed kernels by cold pressed extraction process. The dual activity of bio-neem cake as best organic f ....

Bio Neem Oil Natural Cold Pressed

Eco Friendly Bio Pesticide With the resistance developed by most of the insect pests to Chemical Insecticides and contamination of environment, damage to beneficial insects and wild biota, accidental ....

Neem Pellets

Neem Pellets finds use as an ultimate organic plant food. Apart from their contribution to N P K they have a number of benefits, which none of the synthetic fertilisers or pesticides can offer. Neem P ....

Neem Granules

Neem granules are used as a natural and environmental friendly fertilizer and manure in farming and agriculture. Neem granules is the residue left after oil has been extracted from neem seeds or kern ....

Agro Shade Net

AGRO SHADE NET are made out of high density polythelyne rafia tape which is treated with best known ultra violet (U.V.) stabilizers in the highest possible concentration to insure long life of the pr ....

Amino Acid Fertilizers

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins that are essential for the growth and nutritional value of the plant. The Amino acid powders 50% that our company manufactures is of superior quality an ....

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