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Manufacturer/Exporter/Supplier of Industrial and Automotive V belts, timing belts, Rubber and PVC Conveyor belts, Resin belts, PU belts and special belts.

Reclaim Rubber and Butyl Reclaim Rubber

Kindly send us the quotation for reclaim rubber and butyl reclaim rubber, we require both in 50mt quantity.

PVC Conveyor Belt

Please quote separately for following size PVC belts ( white 1, 5mm thick ) naked & fresh soap carrying conveyors. Height 800 -+100mm , speed 0 to max 10m/min, with VFD for individual conveyor, body M.S, side guide with nylon lining. Structure MS. 1) Length 3500x120 wide - -2no 2) Length 3200x120- 1 3) Length 3100x120- 1 4) Length 1500x120- 1 5) Length 1400x120- 1 6) Length 600x120- 1 7) Length 2000x120- 3 8) Length 8400x120- 1 9) Length10000 x120- 1 10) 90 degree bend belt conveyor- 300mm x 300mm total length 600 mm- 6no Purchase Within: 1 month Please quote for the same.

Reclaimed & Latex Rubbers

We want to purchase latex and reclaimed rubbers. Qty : bulk. Kindly send sample and prices for the same.

Styrene Butadiene Rubber

Looking for styrene butadiene rubber ( SBR ). Please send us brochure and price list for the same.

Leaf Springs

We are in need of Leaf Springs for TATA 207 EI DX. Please send the quotation.


We want to buy the followings product Casting for API 6A Gate valve (Sizes are 1 13/16 inches, 7 1/16 inches, 2 1/16, 3 1/18 4 1/16 inches 5 1/16 inches).

Can you supply Butyl Acetate

We need buty acetate and and thinners, methanol, ethyl Acetate, natural dyes, natural pigments, isopropyl alcohol, toluene, acetone, n Butyl alcohol etc.

Can you supply Butadiene

We want butadiene and synthetic rubber, styrene Butadiene rubber, poly Butadiene rubber, butyl rubber, natural rubber, carbon black, nylon tyre cords, tyre bead wire etc.

We want to buy Butadiene

We want to buy Butadiene and synthetic rubber, styrene Butadiene rubber, polybutadiene rubber, isoprene rubber, butyl rubber etc.

We want to buy Ethylene

We want to buy Ethylene oxide derivatives, surfactants, demulsifier, emulsifiers etc.

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