B2B Leads

Wheel Cylinder

We want to buy Wheel Cylinder. Kindly Drop a mail for all details.

Plastic Pipe

I am interested to buy Plastic Pipe. Size: 3, 4 and 5 inch, Please send quotation for the same.

Dried Coconut Copra

We need to buy Coconut Copra. Type: Dried. Quality: Best. Please share all details on urgent basis.

Dry Dates

I need to purchase Dry Dates on Regular Basis. Target Price: 50-60 INR Per Kg. Packaging type-: packets. Capacity-: 1/2 kg in one packet. Please send us more details and quotations for the same on my E-Mail ID

Dry Raisins

Need to purchase Dry Raisins and Dry Figs. Quality should be good. Packing Size: 500 Grams. Form: Packed. Kindly send us price and other details.

Kashmiri Giri Badam

I want to buy Kashmiri Giri Badam. Packing:1 kg. Please share price quotation and details for same.

Dry Apricots

We are urgently required to buy Dry Apricot, Almonds and Cashew in Good Quality. Packing Size: 500gm And 1Kg. Please provide all detail regarding the product.

Dried Raisin

Need to buy Dried Raisin with delivery. Type: Yellow. Initially, I would like to purchase 5 kg for sample, If it will be good then I will purchase 200 Kg. Supplier can contact us immediately by mail.

Almond And Cashew Nuts

We are searching to buy Dry Fruits like Almond, Cashew Nuts, Walnut, Ground Nut, Peanut, Raisins, Pistachio Nuts, Dry Dates, Coconut Copra etc. Quality: Best. Kindly send us latest price lists at the earliest.

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