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Grader Machine  Arti Machine  Chaff Cutter 

Our Company situated in Gujarat at Jasdan in Rajkot District (INDIA) was established in the year 1965. The company offers a wide range of superior quality machines to satisfy almost every need of agro industries. The company has established itself as reliable and respected company by offering machines with customization facility at most competitive prices. Company’s products range include Groundnut decorticator, Grader, Chap cutter, Destoner, Stone separator, Paddy thresher, Agriculture machine & Aarti Dhwani Yantra etc.


Manufacturers Exporters and Wholesale Suppliers of GROUNDNUT DECORTICATOR PLANT

This machine is a combination of electrical and mechanical device. There are number of products such as GROUNDNUTS, HARDE (Myrobalan), GARLIC etc. can easily be graded & separates husks from groundnuts as well as maintain different grain size, so this is a multi purpose machine.

Groundnut decorticator plant contains mainly three machines: GROUNDNUT DECORTICATOR, ELEVATOR, & GRADER.

1. Groundnut decorticator machine contains beater, adjustable hopper and blower.

2. Elevator is chain drive mechanism which contains buckets attached with chain.

3. Grader contains vibration system and eccentricity with two different size of perforated sheet.

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