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Acne Gel[ Thailand ]

We are producing acne clearing and whitening gel made of pure pomegranate extract, vitamin b3 and other ingredients which helps in preventing inflamed acne and dark spot. the pomegranate extract has efficiency in anti-flammation and break bacterial cycle which leads to pimples. *traditional use the pomegranate tree has been extensively used as a folk medicine since egyptian papyrus of ebers circ

Offer Date :15 Nov 2016

Vrla Battery[ China ]

I am looking to buy vrla battery. capacity: 200 ah to 600 ah. voltage: 2 volt. cost and delivery details will discussed by the supplier. please quote for the same along with price and details.

Offer Date :14 Nov 2016

Copra Coconut[ Vietnam ]

Copra coconut. quality: best. weight: 200 gm. packaging: 50 kg. first we want price and details if it suitable then we will purchase it.

Offer Date :14 Nov 2016

Dried Golden Raisin[ Turkey ]

We need to buy dried golden raisin. packaging size: 500 gm. first i will be purchase as a sample if quality will be good then i will purchase more. supplier can contact us immediately.

Offer Date :14 Nov 2016

Kitchen Appliances[ China ]

I want to buy all types of kitchen appliances. type: hand blender, mixer grinder, pressure cooker and non stick cookware. brand: any good. kindly send us price list and details soon.

Offer Date :11 Nov 2016

Temperature Transmitter[ China ]

We are looking for temperature transmitter. brand: siemens. model: all. temperature range: 0-100 and 0-200 degree celsius kindly get back to us on emails.

Offer Date :09 Nov 2016

Tubular Level Gauges[ China ]

I have require to buy tubular level gauges. length: 1500 mm and 2600 mm. material: steel. grade: 304. kindly send the all details through email.

Offer Date :09 Nov 2016

Diamond Blades[ China ]

I have require to buy diamond blades. quantity will be bases on best price. brand: oto. size: 110 mm. kindly send me price and other details.

Offer Date :07 Nov 2016

Air Cool Diesel Engine Startup Handle[ China ]

I want to purchase air cool diesel engine spare parts like manual startup handle and lock pin. brand: any. please send details and quotations.

Offer Date :05 Nov 2016

Food Processing Machine[ Ukraine ]

I want to food processing machine. capacity: 2 to 3 quintal per day. automatic grade: semi-automatic. type of machines: juicer, mixer, pulper and others. kindly supplier contact me on my mail id with proper details.

Offer Date :03 Nov 2016

Pain Killer Powder[ United States ]

I want to buy pain killer powder. application: body pain. type of pain killer powder: ayurvedic & homeopathic. all other details i would like to confirm with the supplier.

Offer Date :03 Nov 2016

Fancy Fabric

Linen fancy fabric. width: 54 inch color: any light color. material: cotton, chiffon, linen and other. use: garment. kindly send me the pictures and details on my mail, then i will purchase.

Offer Date :31 Oct 2016

Ffc And Fpc Connectors[ China ]

I would like to purchase ffc and fpc connectors. number of pins: 30 (15 on either side). pitch: 0.40 mm. length of cable: 300 mm. other information regarding this product will be discussed with the suppliers.

Offer Date :27 Oct 2016

R And D Printed Circuit Boards[ China ]

We have a regular requirement r & d printed circuit boards for led drivers. size: y. power: 5w. please quote for the same along with price and details.

Offer Date :27 Oct 2016

Frp Cable Tray[ China ]

I am looking to purchase frp cable tray and first we prefer supplier from local city otherwise any where in india. thickness: 3 mm. length:- 3 meter. tray type: single rail cable tray. please send the price details and quotation on whats app only.

Offer Date :25 Oct 2016

Electric Screwdrivers With Torque Tester[ China ]

Need to purchase electric screwdrivers with torque tester. model:-di-12-sl4. warranty :-6 months to 1 year. please send details and quotations for the same.

Offer Date :21 Oct 2016

Cashew Nuts[ Malaysia ]

I need to purchase almonds, cashew nuts, pistachio. grade: 320 & 240. packing size: 1 kg. packing type: pouch. please send details, quotations and price.

Offer Date :20 Oct 2016

Titanium Metal Powder[ China ]

I want to buy titanium metal powder as a sample first. purity: 100%. packaging size: 1 kg. physical state: powder. kindly send quotes.

Offer Date :20 Oct 2016

Girls Emerald Diamond Gold Ring[ Other Country ]

I need to buy girls emerald diamond gold ring. size: standard. type: artificial. kindly share the quotation for the same with design of images.

Offer Date :20 Oct 2016

Dry Raisins, Cherry And Apricot[ Afghanistan ]

We are interested in buying raisins, cherry and apricot. quality: best. packing size: 500gm. packaging type: packet. kindly send us price and other details.

Offer Date :19 Oct 2016

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